Women dating sites so picky

Moreover, dating is a numbers game, and the numbers are not in your favor.

These days, roughly 57 percent of undergraduates are female, so let’s round it off and say it’s 60 (straight) girls with degrees for every 40 (straight) guys. True, blue-collar guys are not automatically interesting — but did you ever attempt to talk to a securities lawyer?

Sorry, ladies, but you probably can’t have it all — at least when it comes to love. 1 on the list of female neuroses women should ditch is their obsessive need to marry a guy who is richer, better-educated, higher in status or at least equivalent in these departments.

After all, how feminist is it to crave inferiority to your man?

But single women—especially ones in their thirties who, like me, have plenty of dating and relationship experience—are generally looking for more broad qualities that make for a healthy relationship: chemistry, communication skills, physical attraction, compatible senses of humor, and an easy rapport.

If I'm ending things with someone, it's not because he's not capital-P perfect—it's because one or more of those crucial elements is missing.

If you’re a marriage-minded lady, your odds of snagging a commitment from a fellow college graduate are suddenly looking daunting. Blue-collar guys may be more fun to talk to than you think, if you start treating them like equals instead of anthropological finds and resist the urge to text your clever (and unmarried, snarky) Barnard friends, “OMG, I’m talking to a guy with a GED, SOS! Whatever happens to the US economy, garbage collectors will always be needed.

The other night, during catch-up drinks with a few close friends, they (unsurprisingly) asked about my dating life.

I mentioned I’d recently had two first dates—two guys who seemed perfectly fine as humans, but whom I just didn’t feel like seeing again, even though both followed up.

Please don't assume you know what my standards are simply because I am single and you are not.

On a recent trip to Uganda, I met a fellow 30-something travel writer who had a boyfriend back home—he popped up in stories every now and then—but she had such a rich, interesting life, I didn’t even learn her man’s name until toward the end of the trip.

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And just being around that buzz is enough to give me a giddy contact high.

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