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During the tournament, 3,000 players per region will separate themselves on Saturday to advance to the finals on Sunday.The tournament alternates between solo and duo every weekend.Just like the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other varieties of social networks.Odnoklassniki is a very popular networking service in Russia which has its mobile version ( ODNOKLASSNIKI RU MOBILE VERSION) for active and convenient usage.

Unless Epic Games decides to delay the release of a new season, the tournament will spread across three different seasons. Season 9 will start before week 5 of the tournament.Russians and other countries that speak Russia (countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Moldova) are very active on this social media site.The average time spent by active Russians on Odnoklassniki is about 9.8 hours.Beginning the weekend of April 13 – 14, the qualifying rounds take place every Saturday and Sunday until June 15 – 16.Saturday’s competitions are open to all players who are in the Champion League.

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